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Tricks to Remove Weeds Without Utilizing Roundup

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You do not need to opt for chemical herbicides for you to remove invasive weeds. Safer options are available now that also work like a miracle. Though they may require quite more persistence, the organic control method’s benefits far outweigh the bad health impacts of using chemical pesticides. Here are some of the safe ways to remove your weeds in your commercial landscaping.


This is a technique that involves covering a spot of weeds with a heavy plastic sheet. This greatly works in full sun where the heat will gather below the sheet as it causes the weeds to be literally baked. Allow the sheet to be in place for 4-6 weeks. You will know it is done if the weeds below appear desiccated and clearly brown.

Regulate water and food

The irrigation and nutrients you provide to your garden will promote weeds as much as the plants that you’re aiming to grow. Hence, you just have to provide what your plant needs. Well-established perennial plants, shrubs, and trees can usually do well without plenty of irrigation and fertilizer. Though vegetables might require quite more, you can be choosy. Heavy feeders could get additional compost, such as cucumbers and squash. But you can feed crops much less like root vegetables.


If there is no space for weeds, they cannot take hold. Try to plant perennial plants and dense ground covers in ornamental beds. The heavy root systems and the shade of the shrubs and trees can stop weeds from developing underneath naturally. When you are currently dealing with weeds in your lawn, guarantee to utilize grass types that are right for drought, shade, or some difficult areas where a regular lawn might never grow properly, which leaves openings for unsolicited visitors.


Use tools such as a hoe or a shovel to effectively do manual spot-treatment for basically all weeds. A lot of weeds may need to be dug again and come back. However, regular hand-digging will significantly minimize their populations. If young weeds are immediately dug out, they cannot reproduce and seed. Moreover, digging up weeds regularly with tap roots like thistles and dandelions will just make the root weak and kill the plant eventually.


You can inhibit and smother weeds by covering the soil with an additional organic matter layer. Mulching can also help stop new seeds from germinating. You can also mulch with some organic matter such as straw, grass clippings, cardboard, newspapers, chips, wood, bark, compost, and more. However, you should refrain from getting hay since it can contain many unwanted seeds. You can also place thick materials such as old shower curtains or ground cloth underneath a pathway made of gravel or wood chips to stop weeds from thriving through.

Boiling water

You just have to boil a kettle of water and pour it over any unwanted weeds so that you can burn them. This particularly works best for weeds that are developing in cracks of cement and pavement.

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